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Options for non-diver family members and friends

For the whole family to enjoy the sea but with different needs; Or the whole group of friends who want to spend the entire trip together but some are non-swimmers, we have the option of「snorkeling with divers」and「boat riding」 for everyone to enjoy the sea in his/her own way.

Snorkeling with divers *Now Not held

シージャック石垣島 アベ
For people who wish to have a peek into the underwater world and divers within it,「snorkeling with divers」 is an ideal choice (non-swimmers are ok!). Depending on sea conditions, our guides make the best effort to overlap part of divers' route and snorkelers' route. Think of the whole family or whole group of friends meeting up in the sea! We believe people could enjoy the sea together in different ways.

Boat riding

シージャック石垣島 アベ
For those who are uncomfortable of getting into the sea, 「boat riding」is the best choice for you to understand how diving is like and to enjoy a rich of variety of scenery from a different angle. For the small children, boat riding could also be a brand new and interesting experience. (Motion sickness medications are highly recommended for those who are concerned about seasickness. In this case, take boat riding itself as a challenge!)


Price for「snorkeling with divers」is 9,500 yen/person for 2 snorkels while「boat riding」is 4,500 yen/person.

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